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            Credit card slave good days end, bank credit card new policy comes out

            Date:11, 26, 2019Hits:0

            With the continuous development of The Times, fast pace of life, in the invisible, our economic pressure has increased, fortunately, credit card, can share for us.

            Nowadays, credit CARDS have been very popular. However, for many young people, credit CARDS not only allow us to enjoy overspending, but also can be used to rob Peter to pay Paul.

            As is known to all, "raising CARDS with CARDS" can make cardholders become "card slaves" and get into debt if they are not careful. Moreover, the overdue rate of credit card is also rising year by year. At present, the total amount of overdue credit card for half a year has reached 70 billion. With the spread and severity of the situation, it has also attracted the attention of the bank.

            In 2019, the bank is doing something new, with several Banks issuing new credit card regulations, which will make it harder for cardholders to pull up their hair. Here are some new rules for credit CARDS.

            First, the credit card's grace period has been changed. Credit CARDS have a grace period of up to 60 days. Repayment during this period will be free of charge. However, in the new regulation, the exemption period will not necessarily be 60 days, it may be reduced, according to the cardholder's use of CARDS to determine, good credit cardholders, have a longer exemption period, and for those who always bad use of credit CARDS, will be a big test.

            Under the new credit card rules, cash withdrawals must be repaid in full before the payment date. Before, after cardholder takes show, can deal with the business of installment, can take out the money in credit card so, next installment reimbursement. However, the new rules will put pressure on those who like to cash out with credit CARDS to pay back the money in full.

            There will also be adjustments to the minimum repayment. Before, the person that hold a card is to be able to choose lowest reimbursement amount oneself, when oneself economic ability is relatively weak when, lowest reimbursement specified number, won't increase too big pressure to oneself. After the new regulations are issued, Banks will be able to raise the minimum payment when you misuse your credit card, so it is necessary to use the card wisely.

            In recent years, as the number of credit CARDS increased, making it more difficult for Banks to manage, the bad loan rate of Banks also increased. In order to reduce the rate of bad loans, the bank lowered the overdraft rate. In fact, this is also the bank to reduce the cardholder's repayment pressure.

            Finally, in the credit card new regulation, will also eliminate ten thousand five late fees. Previously, on the last day of the payment, if you didn't pay the bill, the bank would put you on the overdue list, which would result in a late fee of 50,000 of the bill.

            And after credit card new regulation is released, the fine for delaying payment of credit card will cancel, likelihood some cardholder still is secretly pleased, think the bank gave in, actually not, because the bank will fine for delaying payment is changed for "breach of contract", so cardholder still needs to pay corresponding price.

            To sum up, credit card policy has changed, the bank finally stepped in, "card slave" days more difficult! If the cardholder still USES the card badly, he will lose some money and even get into unnecessary trouble.

            Accordingly, everybody is in when using credit card, must have measure. You need to know how to use it effectively and not get into debt. Use it in a planned way and keep it within your ability to repay your income.

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