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            Before the Spring Festival, company leaders visited frontline employees to console them.

            Date:2, 14, 2019Hits:1

            The Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. On the morning of January 31, Cheng Shuyan, the general manager of the company, visited the front-line employees on behalf of the chairman and the board of directors, and sent them good wishes for the new year. In his condolences, Cheng expressed his gratitude to the front-line staff of the warehouse department who had long held their posts and made silent contributions.、


            Because of the nature of work, we can't rest normally during holidays. Work dedication is worthy of affirmation, and our achievements are obvious to all. Later, Cheng learned about the staff of the company's security department, pointing out that in the development of the company, the importance of safety is self-evident, the company's yard has a large daily flow of people, regardless of vehicle guidance or security patrols, all need to be seriously responsible.

            The company leader thanks all the security personnel for their dedication and perseverance, and encourages you to continue to make great efforts to be on duty and on duty during the festival.


             Finally, Mr. Cheng thanked the cleaning staff for their efforts to clean the company's environment. They paid silently and selflessly for the company's cleanliness and tidiness. They fully displayed the nature of hard-working, simple and dedicated workers. He also wished them a happy Spring Festival, good health and happy family in advance.