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            The company held winter fire safety plan exercise.

            Date:11, 20, 2018Hits:5

            Nov. 9 is the National Fire Day. In order to strengthen the fire prevention work in winter, the comprehensive Department of the company held a fire safety pre-plan exercise in the afternoon. More than 20 workers from various units and key fire prevention parts of the factory participated in the fire drill. After simple equipment preparation, the participants lined up in a neat team and went to an open field on the west side of the company for fire fighting drills. The main exercise content is the use of fire extinguishers, focusing on the training of portable dry powder fire extinguishers and the use of fire wells. 

            As the blaze was extinguished instantly, the faces of the employees were all smiling. Through the drill, the staff's awareness of fire safety has been enhanced, and the ability of fire self-defense and self-rescue has been improved, which lays a foundation for fire safety work and safety production of the company.