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            The first half of 2018 work summary and the second half of the work plan conference held smoothly

            Date:7, 7, 2018Hits:34

            At 8:30 a.m. on July 7, the company held a work summary meeting attended by all employees. The topic of the meeting was to summarize the work in the first half of 2018 and elaborate and deploy the work plan for the second half of the year. Baihuaxi, deputy general manager of the company, and Zhangxiaojuan, deputy general manager of the company, presided over the meeting. Chengshuyan, general manager, participated in the meeting and spoke.


            At the meeting, the heads of various departments made detailed reports on the work in the first half of the year. On the whole, all departments have fulfilled their tasks with high quality with a rigorous and serious attitude and effective working methods, and basically achieved the work goals set at the beginning of the year. At the same time, it analyzes the problems in the current work in depth, and reflects on the difficulties and problems encountered in the work, and puts forward the priorities and plans for the next work. In response to the problems that have arisen in the work of various departments, the company's deputy general manager, Zhangzong, has made corresponding supplements and arrangements, and has given high praise and recognition to the achievements made in the first half of the year.

            General Manager Chengshuyan, after careful listening to the work report, carried out a comprehensive and targeted summary. The achievements made in the first half of the year were affirmed, and the areas needing attention and improvement in the work of various departments were also pointed out. She asked the heads of departments to be responsible and solve problems in a timely manner.

            At the end of the agenda of the conference, Cheng made four special requests: 1. We must strengthen the integrity construction in the company's corporate culture, be honest, and do things in good faith; 2, all employees of the company must do their best to complete the National reserve sugar storage work, from the company's point of view to complete this matter; Middle level leaders should do a good job of exemplary leadership, correct their own behavior, do not seek personal interests, when hiring people to stand in the company's perspective, fully understand the company 4, encourage employees to strengthen learning, every day to enrich. The simple words give employees a profound warning and inspire everyone to climb the new peak in the next work.