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            Cassava starch price dynamics

            Date:10, 24, 2018Hits:2


            Domestic cassava starch market was stable yesterday, port arrivals continued to increase, the market volume of Vietnamese flour is still insufficient, downstream delivery slowed down, market prices fell steadily. The supply of goods in the border trade market has increased, and the market quotation has dropped slightly.

            Raw materials and start-up dynamics: Thai mid-end powder quotation reference in FOB Bangkok 480-510 U.S. dollars / ton, Vietnamese manufacturers offer some stability, most of the current CNF 500-510 U.S. dollars / ton.

            Exchange rate: as at 8:00 this morning, the selling price of the US dollar cash notes of the Bank of China was 695.36 (transaction unit: 100).

            Forecast: Foreign raw material fresh potato supply continued to increase, the production of manufacturers increased steadily, the inventory pressure gradually appeared, quotations steadily declined. Domestic supply continued to increase, downstream demand slowed slightly, Zhuochang predicted that the cassava starch market will remain stable in the near future, the price of a small drop.